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2017-10-19 23:36:10 by BTAnimation

Velvet Flash. Read my Schedule post to learn more about it! <3




2017-10-16 15:03:59 by BTAnimation

i ve been working a lot recently but I have a couple days off so I want to get back to releasing things.

Right now here is what I plan to release.


New art from the VN/Game. The main girl and the art style I will be using throught your main experience playing the game. The avatar used for expressions etc.


A Tales of Berseria Animation. Somewhat interactive. 

I wanted to do a little more with this. I was going to make it a big project. but 3 months ago when I started doing it. I didn't really know how to use my photoshop art with Animate cc. So I drew everything in Animate cc..and when I figured out how to use PS in CC I kinda just left it alone because I didn't want to redo all the art etc. I don't want it to go to waste however so I am going to touch it up a little and release it as a short. Dont be too mean on the ratings. I did it like 3 months ago..

After that I plan to progress on this VN/Game

I may play around with another loop. Not sure. If I do it wont be for a little bit. I want to take my time on my next loop to make it way better than the last. The last I kinda rushed.....(2 days.......) So I want to spend more time on it and make sure everything looks/sounds smooth.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

Don't forget to check out my Patreon. My patrons get exclusive art and once I hit a little more patrons I will let you all vote on animations or even give me your ideas from an anime or game you enjoy.

Thanks! <3


2017-10-14 22:53:09 by BTAnimation

Hello everyone. Work has me tired but I am making progress on this Visual Novel/ Game.

I'll keep posting pictures every now and then of the main girl and expressions. I don't want to give away too much though. 

More details on the game.

Visual Novel Type. You read and such. Pretty pictures. 

Interactive. There will be a lot of decision making involved. An depending on how you play, it will change how many of the Naughty good stuff you get to do with her. 

Thinking of adding an easter egg. Not sure if I want to make it simply hidden and you gotta find it or a conditional. It will be an additional Scene.

There will be different types of H scenes. Bj, penetration, and maybe some softecore things. I havent decided. 

each scene will have different speeds, animations, etc. for you to change around. Not sure if ill add different camera angles.

(My Patrons will receive Pictures of All of the H-scenes in this game when I progress to them. I am also taking suggestions from Patrons to add a scene they want into my game.) 

Stay tuned and I will keep you all up to date.

Hello. I'm trying new things. I decided on trying a Visual Novel/interactive/decision making Game

There will be decisions you have to make and it will determine the outcome of how many scenes you get to see and your ending. Think I'll add an easter egg as well.

It probably wont be too complicated since its my first one. I'll post artwork and such later on. Stay tuned!