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10/25 Wednesday!

2017-10-19 23:36:10 by BTAnimation

Velvet Flash. Read my Schedule post to learn more about it! <3

(UPDATE) Release on 10/25




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2017-10-24 20:59:06

Nice, I like it. So is this going to be the title screen of your Visual Novel? I like the way that character's cloak is tattering int he wind. It makes me think of like how their soul is breaking away or some such. Maybe their clothes are just ratty, but I'm guessing its more symbolic.

BTAnimation responds:

Yeah this is the title screen. I'm going to add the Title of the Flash probably. If you google Velvet Crowe you can get more insight on her dress style. Her cloak is tattered. The little tatters actually move in the animation. You will see tomorrow when I release it. It kind of is symbolic. The story is too much to explain but basically she was imprisoned by a man who killed her brother. She got help by someone and is on a quest for revenge. Her clothing fashion is a little revealing. haha.